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September 22, 2009

Project Proposal – Siruvattukadu – Remote Forest village !

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Hello Friends

On Sep 2nd week, I saw an article in Kumadam, rearding a village called Siruvattukadu.

Around 45 km from Palani on the way to kodadikanal.

Siruvattukadu – a remote village inside forest:

The trail from the main road is 8-10km of pure mud, and made into road by walking only. We had to walk literally into the forest to reach the village. The villagers have been living here for generations( mainly community of sc/st catogery accroding to official records) ..

– Total of 550 members in the village. Does not have electricity.

– School – primary one been there 3o years.

Main issue is since no transport is avalibale , 2 staff(one HM , one teacher) come by

only 2-3 days per week.(Ofcourse after kumudam article they have been little regular!!)

– But HM seems to be interested. No roads likely to come as this area is identified reserve  forest. Few bullock, horse carts only available..

– Occupation is agri labour in some nearby fields.

– Recently after kumudam article aubcollector visited, but we have to see progress ..

Education – State today :

– As you can see, education is last priority. 45 kids are there in school. Out of which 10 are balwadi kids. There is huge droup out rate.

– The ONLY  2 degree stuents are now studying – MA(political) & other one one

Otherwise no educated guy from there …

– Teachers are also rare, so children lost interest ..

– Unfortunate thing is, these people do not realise that even if they have basic education lot of oppurtunities are there in reservation.

Educational requirement :

– No slippers/Uniform for kids. I m trying to get this through known contacts.

– If we appoint 2 teachers as mentors , then kids will grow eduacated better. If we can do this for a period of 3-5 years, more graduates may come up.

I already met 2 girl students(+2 qualified) ready to do this.. We can pay them 750/month as salary. They will each handle 2 batches daily in our learning centres.

Seek help of all action2002 groups for this !!

– One computer also will be useful. Since no electricity, we have to use car battery. This is one mode to attract children to school. HM of school has promised more help in future & also his FULL cooperation. But his concern of walking 10 kms daily remains ..

There is lot more to be done.

After 6th Std, I am in discussion with Aim for Seva trust(by Swami Dayanad saraswati) for hostel facility for boys/girls. So high school / secondary is taken care of)..

We request help from Action2020 for mainly teacher salary & one computer, so that we can lay foundation.

Project cost for one year :

1 teacher – 750 * 10 = 7500/-

2 teachers – 750*10 =- 7500/

———— ——— ——— ——— —–

Total cost ———– 15,000/-

———— ——— ——— ——— —–

One computer ..(Battery I am discussing with friends. HM will do maintanance. )

Let us all work together to make HUGE difference to these kids who are in need & have not enjoyed any basic rights also. Looking foward to all your help


Manam Malarattum will take FULL ownership for the project !!

Visit Photos : http://picasaweb. in/ivaction2020/ Siruvattukadu


Saravanan ,

Manam Malarattum



September 6, 2009

MOM for the 1st Informal Education Group meet !!

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Hi to all,
This is the minutes of the 1st Informal education meet was held on 6th Sep 2009 at Valluvar Kottam, Chennai. here the Contact details of the groups are attached.

Purpose of the Meet

Problems faced by the individual teams and to get expertise  view of ngo’s to face these kind of problem.

There were 10 teams attend the meet and shared their views. The Teams are
6.India Sudar

Points We Discussed
We started with what the individual teams are perform in informal education and the problems faced by them and also the request. We will see those below,
1. Aazraya
Kalvi kan project in Homes – Currently they are focused in Spoken English classes on Sundays.
Problems : 1. Dont have a Syllabus for the Spoken English
2. Kids feels bored since occupying on sundays
3. A village called Kayar (near Vandalur) has one Teacher in Govt School, instead of three teachers.
4. Criteria for the Individual Education Request.
Request : 1. Wants Syllabus for the Spoken English Class
2. If anyone wants to adopt a village called Pongeri (near Vandalur), since there is no graduate from this village.
2. Blossom
Currently working in the Govt Schools.
Problems : 1. No response and Showing that the Centre is happening only when they visit the places.
2. Local Boys Teasing Girls Students, so Drop out Occurs.
3. Lack of volunteers in Rural Areas.
4. Rare Transport facilities in rural, so Drop out Occurs.

3. CSS
A project called Nalanda as to conduct clases in madras seva and arcot memorial schools, and Identifying Drop outs in Slums.
Problems : 1. Drop out due to distance.
2. Local Boys Teasing Girls Students, so Drop out Occurs.
3. Rare Transport facilities in rural, so Drop out Occurs.

4. Daya
Sponsoring Students along with ISD for their education and Conducting classes along with motivation camps for the students in vengal village.


Personality development, Career guidance, Funding individual, Educating Drop out childs.
Problems :
1. Lack Of Volunteers
2. Doing the same thing like dance and music in homes makes the kid usual.

6.India Sudar
Teacher Deployment, Adopting schools, Training Programs for teachers, Library, Computer Education.
Problems : 1. Follow up After school HRs in Rural areas.
2. Rural Students do not know what to do after 10th, 12th, and graduation.
3. Language Problem Which leads to Drop outs.
4. In Library Selecting Books for the specific areas,
5. Bringing Book Reading habit to the students.

Doing Basic First Aid Awareness camp, which is an orientation prog from doctors. Educating Down trodden Students in Adhigathur Village, Thiruvallur. a Road safety campaign called STOP (Safe Traffic Obeying Person).
Problems : 1. In a Govt school, no teacher for the computer education but computers have been provided by the govt.
2. Lack Of Volunteers.
3. Drop out Due to Local boys teasing Girls.
Request :  1. We are ready to conduct the First Aid Camps in Villages, homes etc…

Doing a project called Arivoli, a tuition center in govt schools, Funding Individuals.
Problems : 1.Teachers Supports, Meeting the students regularly.
Request : 1. We want to do this Arivoli project for which the requirement is needed.
2.  Requirements for the student for funding.
Projects like TIE, Priyam. which deals with progressing the individuals, bringing the individual attentions, adolescent Education, Mentor to homes, Funding individuals.


Velicham Project, which educate Physically challenged, Funding their educational needs. 60 students were benefited. mugavari project which deals with Skill training. planning to keep study center in Tirchy.
Problems : Lost so much in Individual request.

as we discussed these problems in the meet. pls send your solution or Suggestion in the Action 2020 group mail ID. so that this will help for the other organization.

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here in earth”
Akilan (Reunite to Redefine India)
Mobile: (91) 99403 18578
Visit us at www.rrindia. org

September 5, 2009

Informal meeting of Education Sub group of Action 2020 team

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Hi all

10 member organisations of Action 2020 team forming the sub group for Education, today met at Valluvar Kottam and discussed the common strategies.  Please see the pictured at http://twitpic. com/golka
As I am posting this mail, the discussions are going on.  After the meeting, they will post the minutes of the meeting.
I also request the other sub groups, to plan their informal discussions.
91766 50273

August 27, 2009

Meeting of INFORMAL EDUCATION TEAMS action2020 team !

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Dear all,
This is Vinod from AAZRAYA CHARITABLE TRUST, i hope this is my first initiative mail to our action group i guess,
And this is regarding a discussion on the proceedings of the Informal training and education.I had a talk with Nagappan (YHM) today morning…He suggested that we could have a common meet of all the NGOs of thats been involved in INFORMAL EDUCATION.

Here the list of NGO’s been taken part in action 2020 informal education group….
1. YHM
3. SKF
6. RRI

This way we could share each others views and discuss the current projects we are workin on and take each others help and suggestions wherever required.We could also work together in some project in the future.Right now we Aazrayans are working on Kalvikan project at New Life home training the children on spoken english,Personality Development and computer Science.We intend to extend this service to the children in eraiyur village as well.We would like to know everyone s opinion about the meet.If you do agree with this and if interested we will have to decide a common place and date to meet.We request your suggestions for the same.



July 25, 2009

Project Review : Visit to Muruganandam Internet Cafe in Trichy !

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Dear ALL

Action2020 partner organisations had helped Mr.Muruganandam a physically challenged to set up a Internet cafe in trichy . During the first Unconference we had discussed about this project . On 25th July our YHM team had a visit to Mr.Muruganandam place .He was very happy and excited  to see us .As per the discussion with Muruganandam he needs the following help from us

1) The Internet cafe he has started has to be registered .He has asked about the procedure it seems that no one knows about it

2) We had provided 2 systems to him initially for the Internet cafe out of which one system has some problem in the mother board so it crashes frequently .It would be great if we can provide him a replacement

3)A new Internet Cafe has been opened near his shop .There are 5 systems in the new shop so people have started to go there .So if we provide him with 2 more systems he will get customer as well as he has a plans to teach MS OFFICE, TALLY, C,C++, JAVA,PHOTO SHOP & AUTO CAD to the students in the village which will create a part time income

P.S: I have attached the photos taken Plz have a look at it

With Regards
Kalam Nagappan
Managing Trustee – YHM
Ph no:9840390517

July 20, 2009

Pudur Nadu Learning centre – COMPLETE !!

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Dear Friends,

This year we have decided to extend our support for second learning centre in PudurNadu hilly village near Tirupattur. Main composition is the tribal community – dependence of forest produce is high along with agriculture. Most of the parents work as agri daily wage workers.

Request for Centre in Pudurnadu, Mittur

Manam Malarattum has requested us to help them start new centre in Pudurnadu village. The students are mainly from tribal families, studying in Forest Dept Govt Schools.
The beneficiary we are looking at is about 200 students.

India Sudar has been supporting , Manam Malarattum , a group run by Mr.Saravanan & team. They have been doing a great job in coaching the poor meritorious students & helping them achieve better results.

We hope this will help the tribal students come up in life !! The teachers from Tirupattur centre also will assist this place. More help the better.

Our sincere thanks to Mrs.Lakshmi Radhakrishnan for funding this project. She is part of our partner group India Vision 2020(Action2020 team) !!


Reference Document from India SUdar


Work Code 1.148/TN/2009_10
Work Coordinator Sivanarayanan(161), Udhaya Kumar(1).V
Fund Owner (P07) India Vision 2020 (Action2020)
Work Description Deployed tuition teacher to provide special training for +2 students in chemistry.
Benefited Students 200 Students (100 – Pudur nadu Centre, 100 – Tirupattur)
On Site (OTN33) Manamalarattum Study Centre,

Ground floor – Annamali tution centre,

Railway Station Road, Tirupattur , Vellore Dist, TN

About On Site Identify poor but bright rural students in and around tirupattur(vellore dist) & gives free training for them to score higher marks. In pudurNadu, students are mainly from tribal background and study study in govt run forest school.
Contact Person Saravanan C (Founder, Manam Malarattum Trust)
On Site Phone Saravanan C    +91-9952859239
On Site Mail Id
Teacher Name P.Arjunan
Teacher Qualifications M.Sc. M.Phil, B.Ed. Also works for a private school in a village near Tirupattur.
Project Duration 10 Months (Jun 2009 to March 2010)
Salary Per Month Rs.4000
Total Work Cost 10 * 4000 = Rs 40,000
Payment Mode Cheque from India Sudar ICICI Bank. A/C: 000901112899
Cheque Information Total      : 10 Post Paid Cheque

Pay To   :  P.Arjunan

Pay Date : 01-Jul-2009  to 01-Apr–2010

Number  : 463026 to 463035 , Amount :  Rs.4,000.

Work Status WORKING
Accepted By


Accepted By

Manam Malarattum,Founder

Accepted By


July 2, 2009

Sector-Village Infrastructure-Alathoor village Total Sanitation Project !!

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Jai hind,

Build future India (Deivasigamani)

On behalf ofSarathy-Uthavum nanbarkal (supported by – Build future India / Payir )

Alathoor,Near thirunidravoor,Thruvaloor district

Subject: – Support for total sanitation project (construction of individual toilets)

We are involved in many social welfare schemes like school development support, tuition class, tailoring, type writing, computer classes, hostel etc. Under the village social welfare scheme we started the total sanitation project through government department. We have identified near about 80 families (mostly below poverty line families) staying in alathoor panchayat. We ( BFI,Payir,UN) took appointment with district collector, requested their full support. Project officer supported us, District co-coordinator for sanitation did survey, awareness meeting etc and finally told us that from government part they are ready to implement.

Cost Estimate :

Cost of Each Toilet   -> 5000/-

Loan from Self Help Group  -> 2,500/-  (Through Govt)

Govt Subsidy  -> 2500/-   (Will be refuded later)

We plan to take up 20 houses at a time :

capital Investment required -> 20 * 2500 = 50,000/-

Duration -> 3-4 Months

We got good support from government department by which we are sure we will be able to complete the project successfully, get the money on time and complete the project on time.

Why execute this project ??

1-Very good local contacts- As we have executed many projects through Sarathy- trust worthy group.

2-Govt departments also involved ( we BFI / Payir involved in all meetings)

3-Individual contribution & support available. (From panchayat leader till the beneficiary we were (BFI) involved in the meetings)

Support Groups : BFI, Payir

Request partner groups to consider the project & extend all your help !!

The main highlight of the project is initial investment of 50,000/- will be refunded by the govt once we finish the contruction of Toilets !!

This means we can replicate this in many village – Scalability is the key !!

Vandey matharam !!!



June 27, 2009

Proceedingsof 2nd Unconference action2020 – IIT Madras

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Dear Friends

On June 27,2009 Action2020 team held Unconference at IIT chennai. During the daylong event we discussed various aspects of project execution.

Agenda / Proceedings

1. Registeration   and Introduction

2. Dr. Kalam Message – Speech given to IA& 2007 batch at Missouri

3. Message from IIT Director and Dean

4. Rotary Observation and support

5. Detailed Discussion on Focus area & project execution.

6. Mr. Ponraj and his message

7. Mr. Santhosh Babu’s visit and his message

8. Our conclusions

Main focus of discussion:

Past 6 months we have been working together and executed a couple of projects.So our main intention was to review the situation & also to decide on major areaswe all would be working on !!

So the proceedings of our discussions were mainly :

a)      To identify – Core areas to concentrate

b)      Classify core areas into sub-groups with Lead teams

c)       Discuss on project Methodology/Execution

a)      Focus area identification

–     During registeration itself priority for focus area was obtained

–     The result showed that 90%+ preferred education, followed by Rural development –     Env,  Infra, Employment generation

–     Mainly discussion went into identifying various aspects of education themselves.

–     Many points came about. But here are key points which came up. The list (in excel sheet)shows the perception of various

groups on Educational projects

–     This was the key exercise to identify top most priority – Focus area

–     Other priority are include

Rural development – Environment, Infrastructure, Employment generation

b)      Classification into core teams

–          The above (a) focus area discussion led to classification of many of above into sub-groups

–     The sub-groups identified/ along with lead groups are

–     The responsibility of Educational focus groups are :

1.  Decide on the incoming proposal

2.  Help other groups execute projects relating to this classifications

3.  Design a long term project plan for execution.

4.  Constituent groups also will help in all aspects of execution of projects.

–     The subgroup teams can meet as required to execute / discuss further plan of action.

c)       Project Execution(Proposal to execution)

1.  Before getting the proposal , its authenticity to have been verified by proposing group – either by visiting/Reliable sources

2.  Details – Right from reason to its execution plan is to be proposed.

3.  The sub-group lead groups will decide on the feasibility of projects and analyze the same.

4.  Usually the proposing group is assumed lead for the project, but if other groups are willing, then by consensus it becomes leadership

5.  Other groups partner along with lead groups.

6.  Lead group responsible to execution, implementation and also monitoring the project.

7.   Lead group will be one point contact for particular project.

Attached excel sheet has the project sub-grouping , their constituent groups & also lead groups !!

All the future projects(atleast until next meet) we will be following the same pattern.

Ideally we would like 4 projects each one from classification(except communication) to be accomplished together.We will continue to get inputs through our common mail group & also through voting mechanisms so that the most popular views will be taken into account.

Rotary Club Participation as observers  / Proposal

–     Rotary club of East were observers for all of the discussions.

–     Have vocationally trained candidates to be used for various projects if    required.

–    Will fund viable and sustainable projects.

–    In that case Action2020 team will take full responsibility for the same.


1)      We have sub-divided the points discussed into 5 groups and ask the NGO to fit them into the group were their activities fall under .Then 2 NGO’s took up the responsibility of the group .These NGO’s will be a single point of Contact regarding the projects done under

the group.The list of NGO’s who took the responsibility are

BASIC – Saraal and Dream India




COMMUNICATION –  RRI and Friends For Life

2) It was decided that the 5 groups will meet once in a 2 months to discuss about the

work done.

3)The next Unconference will be conducted in jan 2010

Thanks to people Involved

Prof. Ananth (Director, IIT),

Prof. Chandy (Dean, IIT),

Mr S Rajsekar (National Agro Foundation),

Mr V Ponraj (Advisor to Dr Abdul Kalam)

Dr Santhosh Babu IAS (Mg. Director, Electronic Corporation of Tamilnadu)

Rtn. Meenakshi Sundaram (Rotary East)

Rtn. Natarajan (Rotary East)

and others participated and shared the views.  IIT, Chennai hosted this event

June 23, 2009

Second Unconference – IIT Madras – June 2009

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Hi all

Today morning I met Prof. Ananth, Director, IIT and thanked him personally for all the support they are extending to our Second UnConference.  He also introduced me to all the Deans of IIT.  Prof. Chandy, Dean, Students will be coordinating with us.
Kalam Nagappan also was with me when I visited IIT today.  The UnConference is organised at A/c Hall HSB 133 (Ground Floor).  This is Humanities and Science Block opp to CLT (Central Lecture Theatre).  This building is behind Admin Block of IIT.  After entering into Campus, you can take the Security Pass and drive straight to Gajendra Circle and look for this building.  If you are not having your own vehicle, you can board  IIT free Bus Service (available every 15 minutes)  at the Main gate and get down at Gajendra Circle.
We were overwhelmed  with the courtesy extended by the IIT officials.  Many Senior officials including Deputy Registrar and Chief Security Officer met with us and discussed the arrangements.  IIT is providing the hall free of cost and also hosting us Lunch. I am confident that all our team members will really enjoy the sprawling campus packed with lot of trees.
On behalf of Action 2020 Team, we have extended our invitation to Prof. Ananth and Prof. Chandy to join us at any time of their convenience.  We can feel proud and honoured, IIT, a world renowned Educational Institution and India’s pride is extending their support.  Their gesture will inspire our team more towards realizing  our Goal for National Development.  (Prof. Ananth and Prof. Chandy are Internationally well known professors)
All the representatives, who have registered their names are requested to be present at the Hall at 9 AM for Registration.  Poornima and Shiva will give more details about the agenda.

94440 50273

May 13, 2009

Fourth Project Proposal – Pudurnadu Learning centre !!

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With reference to discussion we had during the Action2020 conference, sending this project request.

Brief background about the centre
Indi Sudar has been supporting , Manam Malarattum , a group run by Mr.Saravanan & team.
They have been doing a great job in coaching the poor meritorious students & helping them achieve better results. The centre is run in a good manner. Myself & Uday also have visited onsite the centre to get first hand feel. The results have been fantastic. Please visit this for more details:

Request for Centre in Pudurnadu, Mittur::
Manam Malarattum has also requested to help them start new centre in Pudurnadu village. The students are mainly from tribal families, studying in Forest Dept Govt Schools.
The benefiacry we are looking at is about 200 students.

Name of teacher : P.Arjunan, MPhil, B.Ed
Subject : Mathematics
Salary per month to teacher : 4000
Total cost = 10 x 4000 = 40,000(forty thousand only)
More (data given by Saravanan, Manam Malarattum)

+2 STUDENTS —–  50.
+1 STUDENTS —–  50
10 th STUDENTS —200

On behalf of the team a BIG thank you for funding the project.
Hopefully we will be able to impact life of these children ..
We assure you that we take full responsibility for executing the project to fullest of our ability.
Project execution will be through India sudar trust !!
We will send you the project report, once India Sudar sends cheques next week to Manam Malrattum.


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